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US TV Shows

PhotoFunia-efc16cThe Bachelorette is but one of the gazillion American TV shows that I follow.

I’ve grown up on American television. From 3-2-1 Contact to Criminal Minds, like many of my generation who are English speaking, American pop culture is a big part of my life and how I see and define the world.

Dynasty taught me that men and women slept without clothes a lot. Beverly Hills 90210 taught me why. Dawson’s Creek let me believe that the ‘bestfriend’ can possibly be a ‘girlfriend’ too. Felicity made me want to move to New York. Charmed reminded me why I still liked Shannen Doherty. Survivor showed me how two-faced people can be. Amazing Race took me around the world, super fast. The Bachelorette reminds me of what its like to be dating and being infatuated with a new love. And Sex & The City – well, just laid it all bare for everyone!

Today in entertainment, everything American is what gets featured first because their entertainment and media industry is the most advanced and matured. And you know what, I’m lovin’ it.

There’s just so much to watch and indulge. Impossible to list everything i want to watch here. Impossible for me to watch them all too now that I have two young children. I need it infused by I.V. soon.

Only just recently I’ve discovered I can record programmes and also on-demand options muahahah. So thats my saving grace now that my Gossip Girl has to share tv time with Thomas The Tank Engine and Sleeping Beauty.

Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts about the shows I watch and add your 10 or 20 cents worth too 🙂

xoxo, s.


One Response to “US TV Shows”

  1. Wow and I though I was a TV junkie. awesome site. love Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and plenty other shows! keep it up.

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