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ah the NEW season has begun!

Posted by summerr on September 17, 2009

Its September, that time of year in the US where the new and returning slate of tv shows begin woot!

I’m not even in the US and the fall season always excites me!

I just watched Vampire Diaries a few nights ago – LOVE IT! Brooding leads, beautiful cast and well, vampires…whats not to like? I was a big Buffy fan 🙂

I also managed to catch Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model on Channel 5. It gets cheesier every year, but I still love Tyra and the ‘J’s. And of course hunky ‘noted fashion photographer’ Nigel Barker.

Melrose Place was …interesting….oh and of course, I’m just one more blog entry away from watching the premiere of Season 3 of Gossip Girl!! (I’m disciplining myself – must tell ppl abt VD (ooh, that didn’t come out right – Vampire Diaries) before I forget and get caught up in GG!)

Other shows I’m lookin’ forward to this Fall season are :

New series Eastwick – Charmed but older? hopefully wiser too?!

New series Fast Forward – I just can’t resist John Cho.

New seasons of Survivor, Amazing Race and Project Runway (Heidi’s preggers with her 4th! Amazing!)

I can’t think of any more off the top of my head, but when I was flipping thru the mio TV Season Pass catalogue earlier, wahlao, mentally ticking almost every other show! (too dark to flip thru now, kids are asleep, will do so tomorrow …with a highlighter!!)

ok, onward to my take on Vampire Diaries!

xoxo, s.

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Gossip Girl where are you already?!

Posted by summerr on August 28, 2009

Check out these pics from Perez Hilton.

OMG as if we aren’t already dying from what feels like the LONGEST.WAIT.EVER.

I want to know wats up with Dan kissing Duff! She still looks like Lizzie McGuire to me.



Can Season 3 like just get started already!

need. gossip.girl.

xoxo, s.

ps. mio tv better be having it I tell you…

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Posted by summerr on August 14, 2009

Gossip Girl’s Chuck + Blair goth get-up for Elle.

Gossip Girl fans! Is this picture just rockin’ awesome or what??? Perez posted this on his cocoperez website
HAWT is definitely an understatement.

This pic is from a photoshoot for Elle magazine – you KNOW I’ll be lookin’ out for THAT issue of Elle (hopefully we’ll get it here).

Ed is just so fabulously gorgeous! Lookit him! *drool*
Sigh. Anxiously awaiting the start of Season 3!
xoxo, s.

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Ep 1 Summer in the Hamptons

Posted by summerr on June 16, 2009

Summer Kind of Wonderful (actual episode title)

Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does. That’s my opinion thus far of Season 2 after watching just 3 episodes. But I’ll keep it to ep1 in this post, just cos its easier to track the posts by ep.

RECAP So, the first episode of season 2 begins with a recap of what happened last season, and boy, watching that lil recap made me realize how powerpacked last season was, every castmember got fleshed out, there were breakups, makeups, murder, lies (lots of this) and scheming, guerilla fashion shows(awesome move Jenny!) drugs, alcohol and murder, just to name a few highlights.

And after a (school) year of drama, our favourite Upper Eastsiders head out to the Hamptons. Its pretty much the same faces you see in Manhattan, except instead of Manolos and Birkins, its tennis whites and omg-are-you-serious_131x182floppy hats. Yep, summer’s here! (cue Sheryl Crow: I’m, I’m gonna soak up the sun…)

beach-babeEveryone’s basically spending their summer licking their wounds and trying to recover from an eventful year. Dan’s back in Manhattan interning as a writer’s assistant, but mostly sleeping around to keep his mind ofF Serena. Serena is in the Hamptons flying solo without him or BFF Blair. Nate is doing a Jesse Metcalfe in Desperate Housewives having an affair with an older woman – ‘Mrs Robinson’ is played by the gorgeous Madchen Amick  loved her since her Twin Peaks days!)

Jenny is working her tail off interning at Eleanor Waldorf’s Atelier, while her father Rufus tours the country with his rock band over the summer.

(notice how the Humphreys are working in the summer, versus their friends’ ‘vacations’ off the island?)

chuck-bass-ho-train_166x98Chuck Bass is pretending to enjoy the ladies fawning all over him, while inside, he’s actually all torn up about standing Blair up on their supposed trip to Tuscany. And what about Queen B? Well, she’s on her way back from Europe, and we can all bet she has a big score to settle with Mr Bass.

Ok, enough of the 4-11. Here’s what I loved from this episode…

port-washington_165x165HIGHLIGHTS Blair got the best lines/phrases in this episode. My top choices are… ‘Mother-Chucker’ and ‘Chuck Bass-tard’! Who comes up with these? Two thumbs up! (And she says it with such a straight face!)

Another thing I really enjoyed was seeing the characterscroquet-anyone_132x182 outside of New York City, in a different environment. It was all trees and greenery, posh manicured lawns, sun, sea and sand. And of course, the fashion had to match the location. Instead of the usual school uniform and overcoats, it was nice to see the guys in shorts and polos (and sweater vests while playing croquet! I mean, what person not in Alice in Wonderland plays croquet?). It was quite surreal, like they were transported to Dawson’s Creek, only a more expensive version.

The White Party was also a nice touch. Everyone dressed in white added to the surreal feeling.

LOVING CHUCK BASS My favourite character has got to be Chuck Bass. Here’s a guy everyonea dapper fellow loves to hate. In my humble opinion, he’s also quite ‘poor thing lah’. He has major daddy issues and he overcompensates for the lack of attention by being all puffed up and suave and nonchalant when actually inside he just wants someone to love and approve of him. All very text book – psych 101.

The guy playing him, is a Brit. Ed Westwick is doing a bang-up job playing Chuck, and as if you didn’t already know, he’s dating Jessica Szohr who plays Vanessa (Dan’s BFF) on the show (she’s totally smokin’ hot too! Can anyone say girl crush?)

back-to-bluck_121x182BLAIR + CHUCK = BLUCK? The thing I love about Chuck is his faux nonchalance. At 16, he’s trying really hard to radiate the Bass power. (yea, can you believe these people are supposed to be 16??)  Also, the way he manipulates everyone (and vice versa sometimes) is one of the real draws of the show for me. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy watching him and Blair try to get the one thing they cannot have – each other – its sadistic how they play tease and retreat!

Do check out Blair’s new toyboy for the season, he’s not what he seems, and I don’t just mean accents.

Ep 2 in the next post!

XOXO, s.

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xoxo, i’m hooked…

Posted by summerr on June 15, 2009

So, it’s been a little quiet here on my end. And I’ll tell you why.
It’s because I’ve been holed up with a couple of Upper Eastsiders whose antics and intrigues are turning me into a zombie (been watching back to back episodes…why? BECAUSE I CAN – hello, thank you mio TV! On demand, any time, ALL THE TIME! Woo hoo! (even better now that the season has ended and I have the ENTIRE season at my beck and call – how did I not discover it sooner? Bachelorette – you’ll just have to wait til I’m done with Manhattan’s elite!)

Thus to unzombify myself, this is a much needed blog break (and also a good chance to talk about this awesome guilty pleasure).

Just to be clear – everyone knows I’m waxing lyrical about Gossip Girl right?
Hello…keyword : Upper Eastsiders….

The very beautiful cast of Gossip Girl

The very beautiful cast of Gossip Girl

OK, to the uninitiated, Gossip Girl is the new O.C. but waaaaay better. It’s like The O.C. (cue exceptionally good looking cast, playing rich kids with lower income outsiders joining the circle), meets 90210 (everyone hooks up with everyone at least once), meets Sex & the City (it is set in New York! And everyone drinks and hooks up with everyone in posh digs despite being teenagers) and a little bit of Desperate Housewives thrown in for good measure (cue just as dysfunctional parents who are also hooking up with each other).

But that’s not what makes the show great. It’s the writing. The dialogue is sharp, spot-on and pacey. The storylines are smart (although sometimes predictable) yet with enough heart. The characters are flawed but believable, and oh so rich and beautiful, you just can’t help but want to watch them. The show really draws you in with the crazy scheming gossip_girlGG(because thats what you do in high society when your tongue is tied by decorum and political correctness), back-stabbing, social climbing, bitching and beautiful perfect people who have the craziest problems. And you thought regular high school was bad, wait til you join a Manhattan private school (like we could get in :P)

Oh and don’t even get me started on the music – i love the music on this show! It makes the show very current, relevant (as Kara DioGuardi likes to say) and hip 🙂

But lets cut to the chase shall we? Lets talk episodes in the next post!

Xoxo, S.

ps. I have to give a shout-out to my gal Lainey who recommended I get mio TV installed (she heard about my tv drought). Girl, its definitely filled the void and there ain’t no goin’ back girlfriend! “Dude, I’m in paradise!” said the tv junkie 

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