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confessions of a tv junkie

About ME

antique tv_text

I love watching tv.

I used to spend hours watching episode after episode of TVB dramas on video

with my grandma. She loved her tv.

At 8 yrs old, I’d pretend to sleep while sneaking peeks at the TV while Mummy watched Dynasty! Loved that show!

When I finally got a tv in my room at 15, I’d stay up way past midnight every night to watch the 1/2 hour comedies on like Perfect Strangers, One Day At A Time and Three’s Company.

When I went away to Uni, I couldn’t get tv in my flat, so I bought entire seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to keep me company, watching the tapes over and over again.

Finally, I grew up and managed to get a job at a TV station in Singapore. My job – promote the shows. Awesome or what? Dream job. Best ever.

Now I’m a Mommy, I’m still obsessed with tv. I just watch it after they’ve fallen asleep (thank God for recordable hard disks – thanks mio Tv!)

xoxo, s.


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