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lovin’ Vampire Diaries

Posted by summerr on September 17, 2009

How can you pass up a show about vampires that has ‘Love Sucks’ brandished across its poster?


I was sold on the show before I saw it. Firstly, I  love Kevin Williamson. He’s been my hero ever since Dawson’s Creek – love that show. He’s also responsible for Scream (1, 2, 3 and upcoming 4), one of my fave slasher/horror flicks of all time.

Secondly, I think Ian Somerhaulder is gorgeous. Ever since season 1 of LOST, I’ve been lost in his baby blues, plus I love his rosy cheeks! SO CUTE!

Third, I guess, like most people, I was in Twilight mode – I’d just watched the movie not long ago, read the books (including the leaked manuscript of Midnight Sun (email me and I’ll email it to you if you want), and am now looking forward to New Moon.

And finally – hello have you seen the promo posters the CW put out? This one’s as hot as Gossip Girl’s…they should super ‘OMFG’ or something on it!

So what about the show?

the-vampire-diaries-posterNina Dobrev who plays the lead Elena, looks very familiar to me. Thats cos she looks like a cross between Jordana Brewster (Mia on Fast & Furious) and Laura Breckenridge (Ms Carr in Gossip Girl).

The two guys after her heart, are Damon (Ian Somerhaulder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley), a coupla vampire brothers. Stefan wants to protect her and Damon just wants her.

Paul Wesley looked awfully familiar too, and after awhile I realised why – ages ago he played Lucas Luthor (long lost Luthor prodigal son) on Smallville! And he was also on Everwood, and up and down the ‘crime’ beat of CSI, CSI:Miami, Cold Case and even Law & Order SVU!).

Anyway, all that trivia aside, I totally enjoyed Vampire Diaries. Despite Williamson’s countless attempts to convince the public that this baby is nowhere  near Twilight, the similarities are there, but in a good way.

cw-promo-vampire-diaries-112There’s the creep factor – how its always gloomy and fog even rolls in whenever a fanged one is around.

The ‘loner’ girl the vampires fall for – in this case, she’s just lost her parents so she tends to write in her diary most of the time, in graveyards too I might add, beside her parents’ grave.

The good looking cast – Paul and Nina look really good. As for Ian, well, I thought he looked ‘older’. Granted that season 1 of LOST was 5 years ago, but somehow, the centre-parted long hair and constant smirk aren’t very appealing to me. I mean he’s still cute, but not as dropdead gorgeous as when he was Boone…(sigh…those eyes, those cheeks!)

I like that Elena’s bestfriend is psychic – so that gives us all an easy way out to warn Elena of forthcoming danger etc. Nice backdoor producers 🙂

Bottom line is – love it, can’t wait for ep2 to come. Woot!

xoxo, s.

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ah the NEW season has begun!

Posted by summerr on September 17, 2009

Its September, that time of year in the US where the new and returning slate of tv shows begin woot!

I’m not even in the US and the fall season always excites me!

I just watched Vampire Diaries a few nights ago – LOVE IT! Brooding leads, beautiful cast and well, vampires…whats not to like? I was a big Buffy fan 🙂

I also managed to catch Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model on Channel 5. It gets cheesier every year, but I still love Tyra and the ‘J’s. And of course hunky ‘noted fashion photographer’ Nigel Barker.

Melrose Place was …interesting….oh and of course, I’m just one more blog entry away from watching the premiere of Season 3 of Gossip Girl!! (I’m disciplining myself – must tell ppl abt VD (ooh, that didn’t come out right – Vampire Diaries) before I forget and get caught up in GG!)

Other shows I’m lookin’ forward to this Fall season are :

New series Eastwick – Charmed but older? hopefully wiser too?!

New series Fast Forward – I just can’t resist John Cho.

New seasons of Survivor, Amazing Race and Project Runway (Heidi’s preggers with her 4th! Amazing!)

I can’t think of any more off the top of my head, but when I was flipping thru the mio TV Season Pass catalogue earlier, wahlao, mentally ticking almost every other show! (too dark to flip thru now, kids are asleep, will do so tomorrow …with a highlighter!!)

ok, onward to my take on Vampire Diaries!

xoxo, s.

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