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Bachelorette : Wes is a No-Show

Posted by summerr on July 22, 2009

*SPOILER ALERT!* (kind of)

Hollywood Gossip has announced that in the upcoming episode of The Bachelorette, which is the Men Tell All Special,  (to be aired on mio TV this Wednesday) will be less two ousted Men.

The infamous Wes Hayden. And recently eliminated Reid Rosenthal (aw, I still say wrong move Jilly!)

We all know (or think we know) the reason behind Wes’ absence …

a. He doesn’t want to be exposed for the liar that he is

b. Producers didn’t invite him on the show because they KNOW they edited him wrong and he’ll call them on it!

c. He knew he wouldn’t get a fair edit on this ‘recorded’ special, so he decided to skip it.

The Bachelorette_Wes Hayden_who

Oh well, la di da, I don’t care about Wes anymore anyway.

Reid’s absence however has sparked tons of speculation, most saying that he’s not there because he will be making a surprise entrance (ala Jake and Ed) in the finale to fight for Jillian’s heart one more time! (YAY! I like Chandler…I mean Reid!)

Well personally I like Reid. I like that he has a great sense of humour and that he’s shy. He is SO ADORABLE!  Check out these pics I found online of him modelling tees for his brother’s teeshirt business.  They have some pretty cool tees there. Sorry Reid, you’re no model, but good try sweets!

Bachelorette_Reid Mr Mean tee

Bachelorette_Reid superman

Bachelorette_Reid All Wrapped Up

Already this season producers have ‘brought back’ eliminated men twice – first with Jake, and secondly Ed. Looks like they’re on a roll…so what the heck  bring Reid back!

In the meantime, lets just sit back and relax and watch the claws come out on the Men Tell All ep (I hope there are claws otherwise it’ll be a yawn fest!)

xoxo, s.

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