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Cheater Cheater

Posted by summerr on June 30, 2009

So who’s the dude with the girlfriend? That’s the question thats the focus of Episode 4 of The Bachelorette.

BACHELORETTE WATCH Yes, thats right people, I’m back on the watch. Couldn’t stay away any longer. I’ve totally exhausted my Gossip Girl crave

who's the douchebag with a girl back home?

who's the douchebag with a girl back home?

(too wrapped up chasing each episode back to back and then waking up zombified to run after the kids to post anything, but I shall in retrospect once I get my act together again this week).

I HEART KIPTYN Ep4  started off with such a nice 1 on 1 date with Kiptyn. He’s awesome. Forget Jillian, I am falling in love with Kiptyn!Kiptyn It was a simple date. Grocery shopping, walking around like a couple (an old couple who feed pigeons), then back to her place for a home-cooked meal. I remember doing that with my now husband. It was bliss. You’d think slaving over a hotstove would be very unglam, but not so, you get lots of time to bond over a potentially revealing activity – cooking reveals so many personality traits, seriously!~

I was ready to marry Kiptyn by the end of that date.

OOPS THERE ARE OTHER GUYS And then came the group date and I remembered ooh still got other guys! Making my heart flutter too are Jake (super sweet and cute pilot guy), Ed (he and his looks are seriously growing on me after last ep’s building scaling date) and Jesse (reminds me of Chris O’Donnell).


THE GUYS I DON’T REALLY CARE FOR I also remembered there are

  1. wes_smallWes, AGAIN, you are SLIMY. GO HOME. Your song SUCKS. You will NEVER in your lifetime amount to anything anywhere near Keith Urban.
  2. juan_smallJuan, you are so FAKE. My gut is you’re more interested in looking for a ‘wife’ than you are in Jillian the person, so go home.
  3. And last but not least, David the guy whose right eye blinksdavid_small independently from his left…it was scary initially to see that (like some kind of tick), but now its just annoying. Plus, you are SO disrespectful to EVERYONE, including the Bachelorette herself …so don’t ask WHY, just GO HOME.

CHEATER CHEATER Throughout the episode, they keep trailing that the guys keep hinting that someone in the group actually has a girlfriend at home, that some guys aren’t there for the ‘right’ reasons.

FINALLY someone rats out the asshole that has a girl back home. Spoiler alert *stop reading now if you don’t want to find out*

The squealer : Tanner The Feet Lover (still ews me out every time I think of it)

The rat : Wes ( i knew it!!!! can anyone spell J-E-R-K?)

I hate that guy. I’ve said from the very beginning he looks sleazy, slimy and sneaky and has shifty eyes – and his song SUCKS! What is wrong with Jillian that she can’t see it? AIYOH <– for lack of a better word to express my frustration!

SIDETRACK Oooh, Ellen is on right now as I’m typing this. She has got Melissa Miller and Miranda Kerr on her show (if you don’t know, they are SUPER HOT Victoria’s Secret models). They came out with their wings on.  HILARIOUS –> Ellen is sending them out to get George Clooney’s attention cos she’s trying to get him on her show! I love Ellen – she’s hilarious – anyone read her book – My Point And I Do Have One <– hilarious (ok said that one time too many!)

MAN-UP Anyway, back to Jillian’s predicament. She confronts the men and asks that whoever has a gf to step forward and she waits.

And they wait. They all wait for a response…

I mean HELLO ARE YOU FREAKING DREAMING? WHO in their right mind would step up (or ‘man up’ to quote host Chris Harrison) and admit they aren’t here for the right reasons on (inter)national tv? I say just let the tabloids do their dirty work (since producers obviously din do theirs lor)!

Anyway, she got rid of some of the guys I didnt like, and still kept one or two of the annoying ones. Hope she smarts up by the end of Ep 5. The trailer promises more drama – I see Jillian crying in a lift saying she got her heart broken.

SIGH But what I can’t wait to watch are the amazing dates they always go on and enjoy the ‘date’ and the ‘romance’ vicariously 🙂 I still smile like an idiot whenever I watch the dates.

Am just like any other girl who wants to be romanced and swept off her feet right?

Xoxo, S.


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