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Posted by summerr on June 15, 2009

So, it’s been a little quiet here on my end. And I’ll tell you why.
It’s because I’ve been holed up with a couple of Upper Eastsiders whose antics and intrigues are turning me into a zombie (been watching back to back episodes…why? BECAUSE I CAN – hello, thank you mio TV! On demand, any time, ALL THE TIME! Woo hoo! (even better now that the season has ended and I have the ENTIRE season at my beck and call – how did I not discover it sooner? Bachelorette – you’ll just have to wait til I’m done with Manhattan’s elite!)

Thus to unzombify myself, this is a much needed blog break (and also a good chance to talk about this awesome guilty pleasure).

Just to be clear – everyone knows I’m waxing lyrical about Gossip Girl right?
Hello…keyword : Upper Eastsiders….

The very beautiful cast of Gossip Girl

The very beautiful cast of Gossip Girl

OK, to the uninitiated, Gossip Girl is the new O.C. but waaaaay better. It’s like The O.C. (cue exceptionally good looking cast, playing rich kids with lower income outsiders joining the circle), meets 90210 (everyone hooks up with everyone at least once), meets Sex & the City (it is set in New York! And everyone drinks and hooks up with everyone in posh digs despite being teenagers) and a little bit of Desperate Housewives thrown in for good measure (cue just as dysfunctional parents who are also hooking up with each other).

But that’s not what makes the show great. It’s the writing. The dialogue is sharp, spot-on and pacey. The storylines are smart (although sometimes predictable) yet with enough heart. The characters are flawed but believable, and oh so rich and beautiful, you just can’t help but want to watch them. The show really draws you in with the crazy scheming gossip_girlGG(because thats what you do in high society when your tongue is tied by decorum and political correctness), back-stabbing, social climbing, bitching and beautiful perfect people who have the craziest problems. And you thought regular high school was bad, wait til you join a Manhattan private school (like we could get in :P)

Oh and don’t even get me started on the music – i love the music on this show! It makes the show very current, relevant (as Kara DioGuardi likes to say) and hip 🙂

But lets cut to the chase shall we? Lets talk episodes in the next post!

Xoxo, S.

ps. I have to give a shout-out to my gal Lainey who recommended I get mio TV installed (she heard about my tv drought). Girl, its definitely filled the void and there ain’t no goin’ back girlfriend! “Dude, I’m in paradise!” said the tv junkie 

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2 Responses to “xoxo, i’m hooked…”

  1. Lainey Gal said

    Hey Girl

    Thoroughly enjoyed your post on Gossip Girl.
    Previously for the Bachlorette review, i felt it was too rhetorical for me.
    Afterall me aint no fan of that series.. also personally i felt that show has a very niche crowd…and maybe that’s why Ch 5 has stopped bringing in that show and also you dont see it in cable programming 😛 Enuf said

    You have definitely stirke a chord with me on your recent posting on Upper Eastsiders. Your blog even got me excited about wanting to re-watch all the 2 seasons of GG.

    For the unintiated peeps out there, Gossip Girl is definitely one show you must not missed. It will become a Cult Classic equivalent of Melrose Place. Beverly Hills.. Trust me when we are in our 40s, the producers will make a updated version of GG like what they are doing now to Beverly hills and soon .. Melrose Place.

    I can really wax lyrical about this show.. the music, the fashion, the very very beautiful cast.. It’s like Cruel Intentions meets 10 Things I Hate about You, Meets Sex and the City Meets OC Meets Beverly Hills fall into one nice little package called Gossip Girls… what more can a girl ask for right.

    All right enuf said for the night…

    lainey gal

    • summerr said

      Hey girl
      thanks for reading the blog. totally appreciate your comments!
      You are so right, and i’ll be right by your side, in our rocking chairs enjoying GG on DVD and checking out the ‘new’ GG on tv (or whatever tv viewing has morphed into by the time we’re 40 or 50 years old muahaha)!

      have found wordpress to be not as flexible in terms of editing compared to blogspot, so am moving my blog over to blogspot. Will do a post on that later once my blogspot site is up 🙂

      Again, thanks for the shout out!
      xoxo, S.

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