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arrgh tv drought!

Posted by summerr on May 25, 2009

Its the end of an era.

To be specific, the Glambert era.

Still reeling from the shock that is Kris Allen’s win (and then the shock from realising in hindsight that it shouldn’t have been a shock considering all markers were pointing to an Allen win), I’m hit with the realisation that the staples that have seen me through the last couple of months have all come to a grinding halt.

Survivor Tocantins crowned its..what gazillionth..ok..18th millionnaire (and threw in a bonus 100,000 bucks for good measure <- of course JT would win it, he’s the most likeable, didn’t we learn that from watching bearded giant Rupert?). That was SUCH a good season – good job casting directors! *clap clap* I was whooping with each fabulous blindside in the last 5 weeks of the series!

A few weeks before, my fave ABC team jumped on the big black mat at the end of the 14th season of The Amazing Race. Victor & Tammy were so lucky that China was part of the race, it really gave them an advantage.

And now, just a few days ago, American Idol’s 8th season ended with a big thud. Not that Kris isn’t talented, because he is, but it would just have been a whole lot more meaningful if Adam won.

Before the results show, I felt that Kris needed the win more than Adam. I felt like Adam was invincible. How not to feel that way after watching him pull off incredible performances week after week (okay the screaming with the tongue sticking out got a lil old after awhile, but he still had a way of delivering the songs with a twist)?  

Then, after watching a dressed down Kris mutter and stutter his way thru an acceptance word/phrase (not even a speech), and a dressed-to-kill in a ‘I-should-win-Idol’ outfit Adam, I was like..oh no..I think Adam needs the win more.

I’ll tell you why. Kris would have had a career anyway. He has rock solid, loyal, adoring middle America behind him, who will buy his records no matter if he came in first or second.

Adam, now thats a little trickier. Being a Californian native, where all the beautiful people are too cool to vote (cos you know, celebs are a dime a dozen here), the odds were stacked against him.  Look at poor Katharine McPhee. Where is she now, after playing a small, pregnant, unglam role in (ugh) House Bunny, she’s faded into oblivion…again.

So lets hope and pray Adam gets a break (Jamie Foxx, Kara Dioguardi, Randy Jackson…get off your butts and make sure this guy doesn’t slip thru the cracks – someone produce him already!) and manages to stay in the limelight for more than the 30secs alloted to the runner ups (Clay Aiken aside).

Ah, but I digress, back to the tv drought…

Heroes has also ended. DAMN. Milo, i love you. I love you more than Chuck Bass.

Speaking of Chuck, thats another favourite thats gone and finished its 22 episode run for the year…BIG SIGH…

I miss Kristen Bell’s ‘Xoxo’….its so, bitchy! Hurry UP Season 3!

I’m still surviving on the remaining lifelines of America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Ghost Whisperer and Harper’s Island.

Channel 5, can you guys please extend Red Thread to an hour every day? Half an hour just isn’t enough man.

Hopefully these morsels will last me til August when my next Idol fix comes up…woo hoo, Singapore Idol *cue Idol theme…..*




—end of drought—-


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